Nicole Wright’s Story

I’ve always been pretty athletic and active my whole life, but I was never completely happy with my body. Even after training and completing two half marathons, I still wasn’t happy. I felt like I would have to do hours of cardio and barely eat anything to see results. In January 2015, I came across Brittany Dawn Fitness on Facebook, and after a few months of hearing others’ testimonies, I decided I’d give it a shot. I literally had nothing to lose at this point. I was at my rock bottom.

I started with Brittany at the end of April 2015. At first, I was nervous, intimidated and scared. After just eight short weeks, people were noticing a change and regularly started saying, “You look great. What have you been doing?” Brittany was with me every step of the way coaching on workouts and how to adjust my macros to fit my needs. I quickly learned that all along, I hadn’t been fueling my body with the proper nutrition.

I completed the 60 Day Bridal Program and then went onto the 90 Day Individualized Macro & Training Program. Now, eight months later, I’ve never felt more confident and happy with my progress. I learned that food shouldn’t be scary. Going to the gym and lifting weights shouldn’t be scary. And most importantly, I’ve learned to love myself.

Nicole Wright says:
“I learned that food shouldn’t be scary, that going to the gym and lifting weights shouldn’t be scary. I’ve learned to love myself!”
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