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  • Workout of The Week: Shoulder’s and Triceps

    This week’s workout is all about your upper body! Shoulder’s and Triceps   Warm Up: 5-10 minute of incline treadmill walk   Alternating Dumbbell Military Press: 4×12 → Battling Ropes: 4×20 (per arm) Barbell Clean & Press: 4×10 → timed 30 second rest between sets One Arm Cable Front Raise: 4×12 → One Arm Cable Lateral …

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  • Workout of The Week: Glutes & Hamstrings

    This week’s workout focuses on my absolute favorite – Leg Day! Oh….. and  Warning: The workout has been known to give you a big booty! Glutes & Hamstrings   Warm Up: 5-minute run or walk on the treadmill   Weighted Walking Lunges: 3×16 (8 per leg) -> Single Leg Press: 3×12 Barbell Squats: 15, 12, 10, …

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  • Gym Outfit of the Week: Lululemon

    Everyone loves a good workout set, right? I practically live in workout clothes, so when I ran across an active set that is functional and cute at the same time, it’s a big WIN. In this particular look, I mixed and matched Lululemon’s  Align Crop Pant in and the Mind Over Miles Sports Bra, both in navy blue, to …

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  • Healthy Recipe: Cauliflower Oats

      Give this a thumbs up if you want easier, recipe videos! —————————————————————————– 60 Day Summer Challenge Enrollment, now open: Instagram: @brittany_dawn_fitness Snapchat: bdawnfit Facebook: Brittany Dawn Fitness Twitter: @bdawnfit Lifestyle IG: @bdawnfit My Skin Care Products: (RE9 Line) GlowPro Tan Code (self tanner): BDAWNFIT Shop Gymshark Here: Contact Me/Inquiries: Superfood …

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  • Full Day of Eating!

    Hello, beauties! Thank you for stopping in on my website! My goal during the month of May is to focus on getting habitual with writing informative and fun blogs. If you follow my YouTube channel, then you probably already know that my Full Day of Eating Videos are always highly requested, and for a legitimate …

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  • Tracking Macros while Eating Out

      Ever wonder how to eat out while still tracking macros? Check out this video walk-through of how to stay on track, even when you go out to eat! Give this a thumbs up if you want a May ‘Fitness Favorites’ video!

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  • What I love about Gymshark

    If you follow me on any social media, you already know I live in Gymshark apparel. The quality of their clothing is amazing and competes with big-name brands such as Nike and Lululemon, yet they don’t ‘break the bank’. Here lately, I’ve gotten so many questions on what my favorite Gymshark outfits and pieces are, …

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  • Sisterhood

      Recently my sister and I have had a hunger in our heart to bring more content to you all through the blog on In some way or form, we have always wanted to work together in order to empower, encourage and inspire women. In a world full of jealousy, insecurity, and selfishness, we …

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  • Re-feeds and Treat Meals!

      Give this a thumbs up if you like informative videos such as this, and would like me to make another one in regards to refeeds/treat meals! —————————————————————————– Workouts + Recipe E-Book: Instagram: @brittany_dawn_fitness Snapchat: bdawnfit Facebook: Brittany Dawn Fitness Twitter: @bdawnfit Lifestyle IG: @bdawnfit My Skin Care Products: (RE9 Line) GlowPro Tan …

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