1. Do I need to monitor my sugars? If so, how many grams should I aim to keep it under per day?ANSWER: Yes! You should aim to keep your sugars under 50 grams per day.

2. Do I have to hit my macros spot on? Or is it okay if I’m a little over or under?

ANSWER: As long as you are within 5 grams over/under of the numbers that I have given to you, you will be fine!

3. Should I do my cardio before or after weight lifting?

ANSWER: Honestly, it’s a personal preference. Different things work for different individuals. However, I would prefer that more energy is spent during your weight training than your HIIT cardio sessions.Again, it’s up to you.

4. What if I have macros left over, but I’m not hungry enough to eat or I feel very full already?

ANSWER: If you are not physically hungry, and the thought of eating another meal makes you feel sick… don’t force it down. Just eat once you’re hungry again.

5. Do I have to do my HIIT on a cardio machine?

ANSWER: Absolutely not! If you need good HIIT workouts that will get you off of the cardio machines, check out my HIIT E-Book available on my website for instant download!

6. What if I don’t have enough time to finish all of the sets listed?

ANSWER: It is fine if you have to cut your sets down! Example: if 4-5 sets are listed, but you’re running short on time, do 3 instead!

7. Does my protein shake count in my macros?

ANSWER: YES. If it has macronutrients and it goes into your mouth,track it!

8. If I have a slip up with my macros one day, do I need to adjust or lower them for the next day?

ANSWER: No! You had a slip up and it’s okay. What you need to do now is get back on track with the macros that I’ve given you the following day, worry free!

9. If I drink my post workout shake within 30 minutes of my workout, should I eat my post workout meal too?

ANSWER: Yes! You should eat your meal in this time frame as well.

10. When should I eat my pre-workout and post workout meals?

ANSWER: You should eat 30-45 minutes before your workout  and within30 minutes after your workout!

11. Is it normal for your face to breakout from sweat?

ANSWER: Yes, it is common. My tip would be to make sure that you wash your face after you finish working out to help prevent this!

12. What is a super set exactly?

ANSWER: This is when you perform the two listed exercises back toback, with no rest in between. Complete a set of the first exercise, then move straight to the second. Once you’ve completed a set, you may rest, and then repeat!

13. How long should I rest in between sets?

ANSWER: You may rest for 30-45 seconds in between sets!

14. I am struggling to hit my protein, do you have any suggestions?

ANSWER: Common foods that contain protein are: chicken, ground turkey, lean ground beef, an assortment of fish, shrimp, egg whites, eggs, protein powders, etc. If you are struggling with actual ideas, check out my e-books!

15. What is Reverse Dieting?

ANSWER: This is where you slowly increase your macronutrients in order to build your metabolic capacity.

16. Can you tell me how to take my supplements?

ANSWER: That is what instruction labels are for! Each product is structured differently therefore follow what they’ve told you to do.

17. What are some meals that you pack into your 6 Pack Bag when you travel?

ANSWER: I always prep my meats and take those with me! Then I get pack Quest Bars, rice cakes, peanut butter or jelly, and sometimes sandwich wraps! The simpler the better, especially when you’re traveling.

18. How should I space my meals out during the day?

ANSWER: Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer to this. Listen to your body. When you’re hungry, eat! I typically eat 5-6 meals a day. But if I wake up later (hello extra sleep) on the weekends, I may do 3-4 meals instead with a bigger quantity in each. It doesn’t make a difference! Just hit your macros, and you’re set.

19. Is it okay for me to participate in group classes at my gym while on the program?

ANSWER: Absolutely! Have at it! If it is a high intensity class, this can be subbed for your HIIT session!

20. If I participate in group classes, can this count towards my weekly cardio/HIIT?

ANSWER: Yes! This will count towards your cardio!

21. Is it bad if I hit two of my macros, but not the other?

ANSWER: One day of not hitting your macros spot on isn’t going to deter your progress. Just make sure that you don’t do this consistently!

22. Is it normal to have weight fluctuation during a macro adjustment, or just in general?

ANSWER: This is extremely normal! And exactly why I don’t recommend weighing every day! It will play games with your head. Instead, focus on your other measurements and continuing to move forward. Eventually, you will see a change, but weight is not the best indicator of progress! Always remember that!

23. Is there anything that I can do to help with muscle soreness?

ANSWER: Make sure that you’re drinking your BCAA’s during your workout, as well as during the day if you’d like! You can also take Epsom Salt baths and foam roll.

24. What should I do if I have an unexpected rest day?

ANSWER: Do just that! REST. Don’t stress, don’t make the situation into a dilemma. Rest is good for the body, and having a day off may do you some good!

25. Do I need to follow my rest day macros even if I have an active rest day?

ANSWER: Yes, unless we have discussed and I have instructed you to do otherwise.

26. Is it okay to have more than one rest day? What is I cannot make it to the gym six days a week?

Answer: that is totally fine! If you would like to do 5 days in the gym and two rest days then go for it. No one knows your body better than you! Just as long as you’re following your rest day macros, you will be fine!

27. What do I do if I am sick?

Answer: take the rest day. Do not push through. One sick day can turn into a sick week if you do not take the signs from your body that you need to rest!

28. Do I have to take the recommended supplements?

Answer: Absolutely not. You will have equal success from completing your training without supplements. I do have supplement recommendations, but if you need a more in-depth answer, please email me.

29. Is there a particular food group I should be avoiding?

Answer: Nope! There is no such thing as “good” food and “bad” food. Just food. As long as you fit it into your macros, you are going to be on track. That does not mean you need to eat cookies all day. You are going to be hungry, so you need to be smart about the foods you are consuming. Nutrient dense meals are always your best bet, so you can feel full. My rule is; eat 80% nutrient dense foods, 20% fun foods! If you want some ideas on foods that are both nutrient dense and fun, I would check out my flexible dieting e-books or my sample recipes on my pinterest.

30. What is nutrient timing?

Answer: Nutrient timing is a way to focus your macros and daily consumption for optimal use throughout the day. For beginners, its important to just master your macros and then you can incorporate nutrient timing once you have your macros down!

  • -% 60 of your carbs need to be in your pre & post workout meals
  • - post workout = carbs + proteins
  • - pre workout = carbs + moderate fats + moderate proteins
  • - if you train in the morning, your carbs need to TAPER OFF during the day (that means your last meal should be proteins + fats .. carbs are to be under 10 grams).
  • - sugars need to be kept under 50 grams.. I don’t wanna hear any whining, I do it every day!
  • - majority of your sugars need to be in either your pre or post workout meal
  • - sodium needs to be kept under 2,500 mg per day


31. It is difficult for me get in my water, what can I do?

  1.  Use a Container that is functional: Some people like gallons, some people like bottles; some people have awesome containers that have marks already on them. Regardless of what you use, you just need to be sure to get the amount of water you need every day in.
  2. Try Spicing up the Recipe: It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of water you should be taking in daily. Sometimes when I’m really just not in the mood to drink my water, I experiment with fruits and spices in my water to help get some diversity in what I’m drinking.
  3. The Nighttime Chug: There is no denying your body needs that H20. Knowing this, its super likely that most of you will wake up and try to get as much water in your body as possible. However, I always try to taper my water intake so that I am taking in the most water in the later hours of the day. Your body naturally tries to hang on to water while you sleep, so increasing your water intake in the later hours will actually allow your body let out any water retention; which means waking up leaner and refreshed.
  4. Experiment with Temperature! There have been several studies on cold/warm/hot water. If you were looking for something that is more like a treat, I would use ice water. If your drinking for volume, try warm water (its easier to drink) and if you are looking for something sultry, hot water with lemon and spices is delicious!


32. I see a lot of people posting about Apple cider Vinegar, what is it? What are the benefits?

Answer: Apple cider vinegar is a great way to lower stomach acid, regulate blood sugar levels, eliminate bloating, get assistance with digestion and acts as a natural detoxification. Each one of you should be taking 2 tablespoons per day in the morning. Fair warning, ACV does NOT taste good, like at all. You can drink it with water, but in my opinion, it makes it taste worse. You just need to buckle down, hold your nose, and shoot that stuff. There is no way of getting around the taste, but the benefits are so worth it!

33. Do I need to hit my macros and then have a my treat meal, or do I factor my treat meal in?

Answer: Just hit your macros as normal, and then ADD the treat meal in. Don’t track it. Just have it. If you are not exactly at your macros for the day and then you have a treat meal, don’t worry about it. Its okay to be a little off on these days. But No, you do not add your treat meal to your macros and you do try and hit your full macros for the day.

34. How do I calculate my macros when I go out to eat?

Answer: Easy! All you do is look up the nutritional value of the meal you want at the place you are eating and get your macros from there. Can’t find them? No problem, just find something similar and use the macros for that. It’s okay to be a little loose when you are going out to eat. Just do your best. Make good choices, and if you can’t track, relax. It’s okay.

35. PART ONE: How do you calculate froyo toppings into your macros?

Answer: That’s a breeze! Just use the method above! Go online and look up the nutrition information for the Frozen yogurt bar you will be going to!  Plug in the information for the frozen yogurt itself into your macros! Leave plenty of room for toppings, you can plug those in as well.

36. * PART two: How do I measure it at the froyo shop?

Answer: Eyeball portions (that is what I do) & BRING YOUR FOOD SCALE! I save PLENTY of room in my macros for toppings, because let’s be real… that’s why we’re all there! I don’t stress if I’m an ounce or two off…because that’s ridiculous. I’m living, I’m not restricting myself & I’m still reaching my goals. I eat froyo like this once a week!