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What to Do if You Over Indulge!

  It’s Monday and you’re running late. After an hour long battle, you’re ready to go to work; but not after you completely destroyed your bedroom and closet just to put on that old pair of pants and that black sweater outfit you’ve affectionally named Old Reliable. You feel like crying. We’ve all been there.[…]

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Strong Vs. Skinny

This week I sat down and searched the internet for articles and pictures about a common epidemic “Skinny vs Curvy.” Sadly, I didn’t have to dig too deep to find a handful of garbage waiting for me to stick my nose in. Just like every other women, I kept searching, and clicking, and reading until[…]

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Head Games - How to Make it

 Anyone who has ever competed in the fitness industry knows all too well the every day challenges we face, not physically, but mentally. When you’re in this industry, it’s easy to find you comparing yourself to others. I’ve done it, & still do it every now & then. But one thing I’ve learned is that[…]

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Cheat Meal 101!

Cheat meals serve a purpose. Simply put, they “mix up your metabolism” and revv it up. But what happens when a cheat meal turns into a cheat day? Here’s how to prevent that from happening.. 1.) PLAN AHEAD! Know where you’re going, when you’re going, & what you plan on eating. This will help keep[…]